Falcons News · Message from The Athletic Department


As your new Assistant Principal of Athletics my first priority is academic success and development of our student-athletes. This goal involves making our coaches more than just coaches. I want our coaches to be teachers, mentors and guardians for our student-athletes. Currently, JBHS student-athletes have a 3.4 GPA average, and I am pushing to increasing our high academic standard. I have ideas to push our students if we are competitive in our sports we must be competing in the classroom and on standardized tests! We have a tremendous, rich history in success at JBHS our student-athletes are always among the top team GPAs and Academic state championships. Everything we do as a school, every decision we make will be in the best interest of our student.

Secondly, I believe it’s great that our students have fun but I am looking for competitive excellence. This involves winning more District championships and regional championships and competing for state titles. I want athletes who bring positive energy, effort and pride to competitions. I know because of our facilities and our academic programs that is the type of athlete we currently have here along with the recent success of many of our programs this is something that I must ensure continues here and does not fade. RJ Costello started the race, now that the baton has been passed to me I need to make sure I increase the pace and elevate Jensen Athletics to the next level.

Lastly, I aim to continue to inspire our Falcon Family. I think the athletic atmosphere RJ Costello established in 2004 and continued to this very day needs to continue to be expanded upon. This starts with bringing back a strong student/fan experience and increasing school spirit. The student and community atmosphere needs to be reinvigorated. We must unite our programs, the community, and our alumni base/association.

If we can do this we I know we will win more championships, we will increase our fan support, get more student-athletes to the next level and increase regional and national awareness to the talent here at The Beach!


Anthony Calzadilla